Sunset Properties Rental Policies

OFFICE LOCATION: 13001 Lake Anna Village Drive Spotsylvania, VA 22551 - 540-895-9647

Reservation Policies

Security Deposit / Insurance

All rentals require a security deposit. Instead of requiring a large security deposit of usually 20% of the rental agreement, we here at Sunset Properties require Accidental Rental Damage Protection from Rental Guardian. Accidental Rental Damage Protection comes in two amounts, a $3,000 plan and a $1,500 plan. The Accidental Rental Damage Protection is a requirement and takes the place of a security deposit and will be added to the cost of your rental when checking out.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your trip up to 60 days prior to your arrival where we will refund rent and taxes. Processing fees are non-refundable. Trip cancellation insurance is available at 7% of your entire rental free which will refund your entire expsenses including the processing fee.

Check In

A member of the Sunset Properties team will meet you at your rental at the check in time or you can stop by our office location to pick up a set of keys for your rental. The property owners request that you do not go to the property first, unless noted on your lease... Time is needed to clean the property between guests, make any repairs, and show the property to prospective tenants. Even if you have gone to the property before check-in and do not see anyone there, the cleaners/landlord may not have arrived yet to service the property.

Check Out

On your departure date all units must be vacated and keys returned to our office no later than 10:00 a.m. unless otherwise specified. There is a service charge of $25.00 for lost keys. Make sure all furniture has been returned to it's orginial location upon arrival. Please make sure all trash has been removed from the house or condo and all dishes have been washed. Close and lock all windows and doors when leaving. These are only guidelines. The owner may have other Rules and Regulations posted in the house. A cleaning fee may be deducted from your security deposit if the above checklist is not completed.


It is the renters responsibility to remove all trash from the property before checkout. For our condo rentals, there are large trash dumpsters on the grounds which is where you need to place all trash. For individual houses, there will be trash cans outside on the property where trash should be stored. There are recycling centers through out the Lake Anna area which is where all trash and recycleables need to be brought. If you run into having too much trash before your reservation is over, please feel free to bring your trash to any local recycling center.


  • Renters must be at least 25 years old.
  • Renter agrees to pay 50% of the total rent with reservation with the balance due 30 days prior to arrival. For reservations made inside of two weeks the full amount will be due with return of rental agreement. Cancellations made within 30 days of scheduled stay will not be refunded.
  • Upon arrival, please inspect rental. Please notify us of any problems immediately.
  • Renter agrees to keep rental in good, clean condition, not rearrange furniture and promptly report any damage, inventory shortages, and/or repairs needed for the rental. Owner may replace items or make repairs to rental at our discretion.
  • Renter agrees not to use rental property for parties, youth groups, minors (unless accompanied by parents), or any unlawful or immoral purposes.
  • Renter is responsible for any lost or left items in the rental and repair of any damage to the rental caused by renter, renter’s family or guests and agrees to replace such loss and or repair such damage at renter’s expense.
  • Renter agrees that owner shall not be liable for any damages or injury to renter, renter’s family or guests during stay.
  • Renter agrees not to leave rental prior to checkout date and understands that there will be no refund of rentals paid, except in emergency situations and only with owner’s consent.
  • Renter agrees to abide by our “Before You Leave” policy which requires renters to leave the rental essentially as you found it upon arrival. Please turn off the lights, water, TV, and appliances, etc. Remove any trash or food brought into rental. Please clean kitchen, dishes, counters, etc. Please make sure front and balcony doors and windows are all locked. Please let us know beforehand if you choose not to perform the cleaning.